Beautiful Inside & Out


One concept that is near and dear to my heart is internal beauty. It is easy to get caught up on external beauty, and I get it, I want to look cute too girl! What I mean is, we are often looking for the next best face cream, wrinkle reducer, or lip plumper.  This is all fine and dandy but what about our INTERNAL beauty?  Our mental health and our nutritional health?

Nutrition for Mental Health

When we provide our bodies with the nutrients we need CONSISTENTLY we will see amazing effects far beyond what we could have imagined! Just think, your kids are in bed after a super long day and you actually have the energy or desire to do something (aside from falling asleep on the couch).  Yeah, I see you, same girl, same.  

Supplements, stress and overwhelm (oh my!)

At least, I was. Especially when I was struggling with my anxiety. I was barely making it through the day, just wishing away the hours until bedtime.  Then I remembered something, I’m a dietitian, and I know all about what I need to do nutritionally to get out of this funk.  I also read some great cognitive behavioral therapy books, and neuroscience with regard to “retraining your thought process,”  along with my bi-monthly therapy sessions (love you, Christine!). Then I took it one step further and thoroughly researched different herbs and supplements that can benefit anxious thoughts and stress levels as well.

Be kind to yourself

It really is hard when you are in it to see a way out sometimes. Just know, I’m here for you! I have lots more content coming to help us continue to improve.  We will stumble and fall but we will also get back up!