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Nourishing New Parents - Podcast

Jackie Meyer specializes in guiding you through balancing your relationship with food, optimizing hormone control, improving gut health, decreasing inflammation in the body and sustaining these changes with neuroscience backed behavior change techniques.

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Parents, siblings, friends, anyone at all⤵️

Stop commenting on people`s bodies📢

You never know why someone lost weight or gained it.

It`s truly not your business unless they want to share it with you...

So 🤐

Thanks! 😘

Bloating and belly issues plaguing you?⤵️

I hear ya!

I was there for a long time also.🕐

Often, it is not just ONE thing that is causing the issue but a plethora.

Take my client Jen, for example.👩‍💻

She has had YEARS of having random pain in her belly, boating after meals, and tried diet after diet to no avail.🙄

After working together, she saw positive changes within just 4 weeks, and those have just compounded 5 months in!🎉

If you`re looking for someone to dig through your diet, support you with realistic evidence-based changes, then check out my program video. The link is in BIO.👩‍💻

I can`t wait to figure out a plan to get you to a place where you feel good about your gut health, and it`s no longer a thorn in your side.💫

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There are two types of people in this world...

Those who blame others for their health and

Those who take full responsibility for their health and make changes.

Don`t overthink it!

Just start🫶

Which one are you?🤷‍♀️

#hydrationstation #takecontrolofyourlife

If you’re open-minded…😳

I’d love to hear when you started to skip meals?

A client of mind told me it was when she was about 12 years old.

When she realized that skipping meals could help her keep her weight at a certain number.⚖️

BUT here is the problem with that…

NO food=No fuel or energy for your body.💪

You can only go so long at a calorie deficit before you hit a plateau with your weight.

Sound familiar? Keep reading…

If the caloric deficit is too low, you won’t be able to go any lower (nor should you)

The result? 

Your weight goes up, and you feel guilt, and shame and the diet cycle continues.😶

Or even worse, you go even LOWER on your calories and end up developing an eating d!isord3r.

It DOESN’T have to be this way.🔥

This terrible pattern is EXACTLY what I help my clients avoid.

Take Jean, for example. When we started working together, her anxiety was through the roof.

It was disrupting her sleep and her work (at a high-level position she needed to be on POINT)!😴

She felt bloated and unhealthy in her body and had tried multiple diets in the past, but after the age of 28, she had a hard time maintaining anything.

After working together, in the first 4 weeks, she was able to significantly decrease her symptoms, decrease her bloating, and improve her quality of life.

After completing our entire program, she said she felt like “ a better version of herself.”

If you’re feeling stuck in your body, just know IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

Only you have the power to make the change.

I hope to chat with you soon.



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Which one have you thought before?⤵️

It doesn`t have to be this way.

You do not have to answer to other people.

And your food choices are your decision.

If you are ready to make some changes and ditch this diet mentality

Check out my program video, LINK IN BIO.

If you`ve ever thought these things, it`s worth a watch 💗

Wishing you self-love in the ONE body that you have.✌️


#innervoice #foodpolice #millennialmoms #momsmentalhealthjourney

They are most likely why your diets aren`t working.

If you are reading this thinking, "Yeah, that`s me," I know how you feel!

I was there for many years also.

Any one of these can hold you back from reaching your health goals.

I would say one of the most common ones I hear from clients is the "ALL or nothing," diet mentality.

You know, it`s either I`m eating all the cookies and YOLO, or I couldn`t possibly have just one.😳

What`s your all or nothing food?

Drop a 🙌 if you`ve ever experienced any of these before.

#allornothing #dietmentality #ditchthediet #dietitians #momsmentalhealthjourney #momminainteasy #realmotherhood

Double tap if you agree...

In a world where we are always being told what we SHOULD look like👙

Or what everyone else is buying

It can be hard to be satisfied with ourselves.😔

It is easy to constantly be looking for MORE.

But if we just stop and look inward.

Oftentimes, we are able to see what we were looking for

Is already inside of us💗

I hope you know how amazing you already are!

#self-love #beyou

This is why I don`t track calories as a Dietitian…

It sucks!

If you`ve ever tracked your calories, restricted what you were eating, and only allowed yourself certain foods when you knew you could burn it off, keep reading!📖

I was there for many years.

It was a constant struggle, and I always felt like I was depriving myself.

Fast forward 10 years and NOW…

I eat what I want when I want✌️

No worrying about calories or the scale.

How would your life change if that was the case for you, too?


Check the link in Bio for my Program Video.

It`s packed with more information that you may find helpful!💗

Remember, you`re more than the number on the scale😘

#healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodmoodconnection #mentalhealthmatters #womensupportingwomen❤️

Here is your Autumn reminder...

Prioritizimng self-care alongside caring for your loved ones can be difficult.

Embrace the season of transformation, my friend

#FallTransformation #SeasonOfChange
#SelfCareQuotes #HealthyMom

Can you relate?

Car time is sometimes my ONLY alone time.

I know, it`s so glamorous, right? 🤣

A hoodie, my jammy pants, and a date with the pharmacist who`s mixing my kids` antibiotics🫠

Some days, that`s the only alone time I get.

It was a busy day of getting everyone off to school, working all day, doctors after work, and then home for dinner and back out to pick up the meds.🚗

So here`s your friendly reminder to take the alone time when you can.

You deserve time to yourself, however it looks at this stage of your life ✌️

#busymom #sickkids #backtoschoolgerms #alonetimeisgood

I`m sure you would agree⤵️

Who really wants to feel stuck in a body they don`t feel comfortable in?

If I`m being honest , I felt like that for about 16 years before I finally broke free.

It took hard work, consistency, and support.

It`s not my MISSION to help you do the same!

Your weight does not define you.

Your size does not define you.

What you give power to holds power.

Looking for steps to implement to focus on food as fuel and joy instead of dreading what the scale says?

Check out my 6 minute program video, link in BIO to see if we might be a good fit!

I want the best life for you...

Where you feel fulfilled and you are able to live life without counting calories or tracking your whole dang life on a watch or phone!



#bodyimage #bodypostivity #healingyourgut #womensupportingwomen❤️

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I truly believe...

We need to STOP commenting on people`s bodies and that should start with our own children.

They do not need to hear OUR opinions about THEIR bodies.

They need our support and love and continued acceptance.

My client`s experience and my own are not abnormal.

Can you remember a time when someone commented on your body?

#bodyimage #bodypositive #bodyimagehealing

Conversations with my clients go like this...

"I`m not able to eat within 1 to 2 hours of waking, I feel nauseous." Them

"Ok, what can you do?" Me

"I overate today, and I know it was because I was stressed." Them

"Ok, walk me through your day. What happened? " Me

Sounds simple, right?

But when we are trying to make changes, the littlest things can get us STUCK!

When we are stuck or don`t feel supported, we usually end up giving up, calling ourselves a failure, and going back to old comfortable habits.

What if you didn`t do that this time?

What if, this time, you found someone you can relate to who is actually an expert in the field you need help with!🤯

As a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years of experience helping women meet their goals.

I also know what it feels like to struggle living in a larger body than you want to, having hormonal issues disrupt your moods and life as well as being a busy Mom of 4 kiddos.

I know there are so many weight loss and diet guides out there, but really, none of them are successful long-term.

That`s where my program is DIFFERENT.

It`s meant to be sustainable.

It`s made for busy moms who have been putting others first and are ready for a change!

Check out our CLIENT LOVE highlight for more success stories.

Now, I`m curious: What are some of the diets or plans you have tried that didn`t quite work the way you`d hoped?⤵️⤵️⤵️

#busymoms #busymomma #dietitianwomenforwomen #dietsdontwork #barbiemovies #womensupportingwomen❤️

Anxious daily, negative cycling thoughts were some of my worst symptoms.😶

I was not eating consistently, focusing mostly on foods that were easy and made me feel good in the moment (sugar).😳

My sleep was terrible, with my 4th being up every 2 hours for the first 18 months.😔

Laundry and dishes seemed daunting, so avoidance was easier.

Dealing with emotional trauma from my previous miscarriage and family deaths made most days very triggering.

It took therapy, diet, supplements, and retraining my thoughts along with more balanced sleep to get to where I am now.

I KNOW you can do it too!

I remember thinking, " Well, this is just how life is going to be, I`m going to be anxious forever, and my panic attacks will never stop."

But I`m not, and they did!

As a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the field, I know that it`s not just ONE thing that solves problems.

It`s work and putting yourself first despite your mind telling you to keep pushing, keep taking care of everyone else first, is not easy.

But if I can do it, I KNOW you can!🫶

If this sounds interesting to you, check out my Pogram video.

Link in Bio

#overwhelmedmoms #mommyburnout #anxiousperfectionist

Send to your favorite overstimulated friend💓

One of the things I never thought of before having multiple children was how much I would value stillness.

Quiet, just absolute silence.

Driving home from work without the radio on, just me and the road🫶

Sending you peace over perfection.✌️☮️

#overstimulated #overwhelmedmoms #momsmentalhealthjourney

You HAVE to try this one life-changing supplement

Or you may hear, "You must eat this one food!"

It`s all click bait, really.

Small, realistic changes that you make DAILY have the biggest impact on your health.

I know, it`s not sexy, but it`s true.

Drop a 💙 if you needed this reminder today!

#life-changing #supplements #onething

It`s what will help you more than anything else

If you don`t work on your inner critic, it will be very difficult to make progress with your relationship with food.

Do you think your relationship with food is fine?

Do you sneak eat?

Do you feel guilty for eating certain foods?

Do you feel like you need a cheat meal or cheat day?

Then you for sure could work on your relationship with food.

Of course, only if YOU want to.

You are in control of YOU!

You get to decide your life and your outcomes!

If you`re ready to take charge of your inner critic, check out my program video!

Link in BIO

#innercritic #innervoice #selftalk

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