Do you feel like you lost your passion in the midst of having a family or building your professional career?

You are a busy working Mom, a stay-at-home Momma, or a business professional who has little to no time for herself. You work and work but are feeling unfulfilled.


You can’t remember the last time you were REALLY happy, like truly happy. Not doing something because someone needed you to or you thought you should.

Now, where are some places in your life that could use a little help? Your diet? Your mood? But there is just SO much information out there, how do you know which diet is best or what supplement will work?

Well, my love, you are in the right place!

We have a passion for helping the stressed out, over-worked Momma or business professional. We know you put 100% into what you do everyday. We want to give you what you need so you can continue to show-up and give your best effort to your family and work.

Providing personalized wellness and nutrition IS what we DO! Effective virtual programs and one-to-one counseling are just a few of the things we offer. We have also scoured the supplement industry to bring you the best products to help you FEEL better.

Nourishing New Parents - Podcast

From Anxiety to Empowerment: Nourishing New Parents for Mental Health

Jackie Meyer specializes in guiding you through balancing your relationship with food, optimizing hormone control, improving gut health, decreasing inflammation in the body and sustaining these changes with neuroscience backed behavior change techniques.

If any of what was said resonates with you, you know that dealing with stress, anxiety or burnout (whatever you like to call it) will not be fixed with ONE thing. It takes time, effort, and determination.