To Supplement, Or Not To Supplement


Dietary Supplements

A few things to remember if you are considering taking a dietary supplement. 

One, what am I trying to fulfill by taking this supplement, meaning can I get this from my diet?  We don’t eat single nutrients, we eat whole foods, and often the supplement is not actually going to work the way it may be marketed or the way we think it will be without the co-factors, polyphenols, prebiotics or other aspects that are now missing when they isolate the nutrient. 

Quality Control

Two (and this may be the MOST important), what are the companies’ ethics? Meaning, where do they source their product, who is involved with quality control, and what are they claiming?  Vitamin and supplement companies come and go in this industry.  They have little regulation as compared to medications so be leery!  Like, pretty much, NONE!  Check out the FDA page to find out what they do to protect the consumer (1).  

Are dietary supplements right for YOU?

The truth is that there ARE some really great supplements out there. Not a lot, but some.  So, where should you go to figure it out? Find a nutrition professional or herbalist that is well-trained to help you navigate.  You may not need as much as you think you do!

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