From Anxiety to Empowerment: Nourishing New Parents for Mental Health

Jackie Meyer specializes in guiding you through balancing your relationship with food, optimizing hormone control, improving gut health, decreasing inflammation in the body and sustaining these changes with neuroscience backed behavior change techniques. I’m excited to talk about the mental load and overwhelming joys of being a mother. The frustrating way that the diet and supplement industry pushes quick fixes and fads. And how to TRUST your body.

Mental Well-Being with Vitamin D3 and K2

Who, what, and why If you have ever wondered about the ideal levels for Vitamin D (25-Hydroxyvitamin D) or what you need for adequate absorption of Calcium then this blog post is for you. As women, we often hear that we need to consume adequate Calcium. I’m sure you have heard that we can get […]

How to change your thoughts about weight loss ideas

Clients, family, and friends are often asking me for weight loss ideas. In our society, there is such an emphasis on looking a certain way and the idea that if you follow someone, or eat the way they eat then you will automatically look the way they look. This is an unfortunate lie that most people have been sold.

Serotonin and The Gut

Nine times out of ten we tend to choose foods that are easy to prepare which in turn may be higher in salt, fat, and sugar.

Essential Fatty Acids and Mental Health

There are two essential fatty acids that come to mind when discussing the average American diet.  You may have heard them called, “Omega-3s.” EPA and DHA (Eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid). 

Emotions and Holiday Eating

When I think back to family holidays or events, one thing stays with me. Anxiety.  Anxious about who will say something to my kids, or who will potentially judge me for what I feed them? 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What I mean is social anxiety…dun, dun, dun (cue the scary music)! I will fill you in on what I have found helpful and what science says works!

Phosphatidylserine and Sleep

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid.  It is a building block for the formation of cell membranes throughout the body