Interesting Link Between Essential Fatty Acids and Mental Health


Essential Fatty Acids

There are two essential fatty acids that come to mind when discussing the average American diet.  You may have heard them called, “Omega-3s.” EPA and DHA (Eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid).  They both have excellent anti-inflammatory properties when consumed consistently however, most Americans do not get adequate amounts from their diet alone.

Best foods to eat for DHA and EPA consumption

Fatty fish like salmon and herring are all good sources of DHA and EPA.  These essential fatty acids MUST be consumed from food or supplements as our bodies cannot make them.  If you hate fish, then taking a supplement to ensure you are getting consistent, adequate amounts may be the right path for you.

Research and EPA/DHA

A recent article from Harvard Medical School reviewed 19 different studies and found that those taking at least 2,000mg/d of fish oil found a decrease in symptoms of anxiety as compared to those not receiving it.  Studies have also shown that those with a higher intake of  EPA/DHA have a decreased risk of chronic disease, lower triglycerides, depression, and improved cognitive function. Yes, please!

Benefits of fish oil on the brain

The beneficial mechanism of higher doses of DHA/EPA has been thought to be related to the support they give to the cells in the brain.  The link stems from their ability to modulate mechanisms to impact the systems that signal dopamine and serotonin. (4)  Isn’t it just amazing how our body works and how when one small thing is off it can impact us on a daily basis?

Holistic Approaches to Anxiety

There are many different tactics out there that we can explore when trying to deal with our own anxiety, depression, and the quest for mood stabilization.  I would encourage you to make sure you know the research that has been done to support these areas.  Consulting with a trained and trusted healthcare professional is always a good idea!  The supplement world can be a scary place without the right guide!

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Hope this helps!




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