Emotions and Holiday Eating


When I think back to family holidays or events, one thing stays with me. Anxiety.  Anxious about who will say something to my kids, or who will potentially judge me for what I feed them?  Will they eat the food or will I have a temper tantrum on my hands?  Or for you maybe it’s, will someone notice you gained some weight or maybe lost some weight?  You have been doing SO well with your diet and now look at all this delicious food!  

Prepping ahead of time

One thing that I know has always helped me quiet that inner biatch is preparing and planning (as best as I could, of course, you know life, she’s got her own plan).  Am I feeling like I may be triggered to eat more or less because of what people will think or how I am currently feeling going into the event? Stop. Breathe. Now, what can you do to change any of this? Do you know the menu ahead of time?  Are there foods that you can bring that you know you will feel GOOD about eating?  Because we know if you FEEL good about it your mood will follow.  You will feel more confident going into the situation.  

Eat Mindfully

When you are there, be mindful of your emotions.  Think BEFORE you eat. But most importantly ENJOY the food you are actually eating.  Do you love stuffing but mashed potatoes are just, meh? Then don’t eat the mashed potatoes! Fill half your plate with some non-starchy vegetables like carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and green beans. Better yet, be the one who brings these foods so you KNOW going into it that you have health options! 

Final Thought

My most valued secret weapon at this point, Holy Basil Leaf in liquid form. For me, it helps take the edge off. Ya know, like the little nervous jitters, the racing mind (did you pack everything you need?).  Holy Basil has been my go-to for almost a year now and the research supports its efficacy! (Check on the blog post on Holy Basil and Stress).  Most of all try to relax and enjoy your time.  Time is the one thing we cannot get back! 

Check out our Supplement page for our favorite Holy Basil!  Hope this helps and Happy Eating!