Going From Self-Deprecation to Self-Care


Taking the time

We know that it can be difficult to take time out of your routine for yourself but once you do you know you ALWAYS feel better. Try to put the Mom guilt aside and know that if you are taking care of yourself you WILL show up better for your kids and your family.  You are also setting a great example for your kids that they need to listen to their bodies and take breaks when they need to as well.

Finding the right support

We don’t think twice about getting ourselves an esthetician to help us age gracefully, someone to wax us up for the summer months, or a therapist to help with our mental health. But what about a professional to help us with our nutrition?  Improving your nutrition wellness will improve your mood and who couldn’t use a little boost for better mental health?!  That sounds like a no-brainer, right?  Oh, you would like to give me all the things so I don’t have to research the crap out of it? I don’t have to make up the meals, I don’t even have to make the grocery list! Can you cook it for me too? Haha, no sorry can’t do that, but why not outsource as much as you can?  


As a busy, working mom of 4, I know that I only have so much bandwidth for the things in my life.  Taking care of 4 humans, household chores and working is exhausting. If I don’t come up for air and take care of myself, who will?   So why not? Why not, have someone else who is trained in the field of nutrition science, who knows my struggles and who has been there, guide me to a better life?  Outsource it, get it done faster, and with someone who has 15 years of experience, who has made the mistakes, and who has been where you are at.  Teaching yourself a new skill does take time and effort.  But if you are willing to put in a few hours when you have the time you can get it done.  Plus the life-long benefits will improve not only your life, but your family’s life as well.

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